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Medicine Ball Rack

Heavy-duty rebounder package




Model BAY500

A 5-position, quick-change heavy-duty Square Rebounder
that includes a ball storage rack and 5 weighted medicine balls.
The BAY500 makes for a tireless throwing partner as well as a stable jogging, agility and balance platform.
Ideal's Rebounders have been used by the MLB, NFL, NHL, universities, PT/Sports Medicine clinics since 1998.


                  • 11 gage welded steel gusseted frame
                  • Speed-change angle adjustment. No clamps or screws.
                  • Black powdercoat finish
                  • Adjustable pitchback angle - 5 positions
                  • Easy-reach rear ball shelf
                  • Active-coil helical extension springs store energy
                  • Level position for jogging and balance
                  • Includes 5 weighted medicine balls (MBS5)
                  • Oversized grade "A" Permatron triple-layered mat
                  • Use for controlled power training, angled or flat.
                  • Weight capacity: 350 sliding scale
                  • Rebounder available without balls or rack (SQ99)
                  • Assist handle for any ability level
                  • Minor assembly needed before use
                  • Made in USA


                  • 41" W x 46" D x 45" H
                  • 165 pound motor freight shipment